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Conventional data center cooling floods an entire room with cold air-an approach that works well at minimal power sensities. In-Row cooling offers capacity and efficiency gains by moving the air conditioner from the perimeter of the room closer to actual load, In-Row cooling units provide local, focused cooling at the rows of server cabinets which fill the data center. In-Room Cooling


In-Room cooling solutions are available in both chilled Water and Direct Expansion (DX), with the DX units being available in air-, water-, and glycol-cooled, as well as multicool and economizer options. Available in both upflow or downflow configurations, as well as a multitude of other options, In-Room cooling solutions are built to suit specific customer need.


Hot / Cold Aisle Containment At their most basic, hot aisle and cold aisle containment are refinements of the now standard hot aisle / cold aisle layout found in most data centers. Hot aisle / cold aisle server rack layouts were conceived as a strategy for more efficient cooling of the data center. In this type of server room layout, each successive aisle is designated eith a hot aisle or cold aisle.


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