Is an expert in UPS and Battery system. Especially, we work as the

consultants of Designing, Operating Management, Installation, Building Renovation,

Electrical System Monitoring, Cooling System, Construction,

Install and Preventive Maintenance for an Electrical System Security

in Data Center Room, etc... As related to the standard of the UPS and Data Centre,

electrical system with the high quality and excellence services.

PKESS has ran the business under the managing and controlling by specialist leader and engineers who experiences

more than 15 years in engineering eld to support local customers and AEC customers such as the group of Telecommunications

and Industries. As above, PK Engineering Solution Service (PKESS) could provide service and support you for 24 hour per day.

Currently, PKESS is in step of growing up and progress. We committed to develop the quality to support the expansion business,

services and Engineering Design which controlled by PKESS’s sta in term of to understand the real needs of all customers

and service providing will be 24/per day. PKESS believe that our services will meet the needs of all customer

about the quality, on time and reasonable price as our slogan "The choice of quality and services"